Sunday, July 6, 2014

Off to a New Home

The lambs are growing fast and plenty old enough to leave mom.  These three youngsters are going to a great home where they'll be doted on and grow lovely fiber for their new mom.  Names have already been selected - Wendell, Knuckles and Delilah.  The boys were neutered here a couple of weeks ago and are healing up well. They left in style, in the back of a SUV fitted with a snazzy pet barrier.  This is meant for use with dogs but I like it very much for the lambs.  Smooth but sturdy, nothing to get caught on.  They were looking out the hatchback at the barn for the last time.

Bye, little guys.  Have a good life.

Wendell, looking a little yellow due to the tinted window.
Later I went out to check the water tub in the pasture the non-breeding group is in.  They have the area behind the barn which includes a nice stand of locust trees which provide great shade.  The slope is troublesome in very wet weather but today it was a nice place to rest.  They don't have to be crowded together but apparently the very best spot to stand in is at the corner of the barn where the breeze comes from two directions.  I think all the fleece types are represented here - white Cotswold, gray Cotswold, and crossbreds in white, gray, black and moorit.
Pearl's daughter Pretty has been rubbing her forehead on the snowfence.  It's coated in iron oxide paint which is thankfully non-toxic and does wear off quickly when it gets on wool. FYI, if you're looking for good old fashioned wood slat snow fence it's not called snow fence any more - it's 'erosion control fencing'.  I would never have thought of that if I was searching a catalog or website. 
"Whatever you call them, a fence is a nuisance.  Take 'em down, I say."
Pretty's fleece is really showing her Cotswold heritage.

I sure wish I could keep them all as clean until next year as they are right now!


  1. Pretty's fleece looks so lovely -- I want to reach through the computer and get my hands on it. It looks so soft and I just want to play with the curls!


  2. That white fleece is beautiful. She could come to my house but she would not like the 8 months of summer.

  3. You throw such a different slant / light on sheep for me, Sheepmom! I just love the curly bits on Pretty's coat. You are so caring about your sheep. Wonderful!

  4. What lovely fleece! Mine is so different - Icelandic - and so less clean!

  5. I would love a couple of those fleece-growers here. How exactly does one get on the nistock waiting list?

  6. I can't say there's really a waiting list. If a person is looking for fiber lambs or breeding stock we just see who matches the desired criteria (color, gender, fleece type) and if we have someone suitable we get into details of a transaction. If you want further info please email me - robin AT nistockfarms DOT com. Thanks!