Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Peanut and Popcorn

So how's Peanut doing?  She is doing just dandy.  You'd never know there had been anything wrong with her. 

She's very sweet and loves to be petted and hugged. If I don't give her some one-on-one attention at bed check she cries and carries on, but once I pet and hug on her a little bit I can walk away and turn the lights off and she never makes a peep.  She still gets a bottle but it's only filled with water - it's just a pacifier and I'll quit before too long but it makes her so happy to get it that I don't mind. 
When Peanut was really having a hard time I'd put another little lamb in with her for several hours so she wouldn't be lonesome.  Of course I had to give that lamb a hit off the bottle while she was employed as company..... now I have two lambs who are well hydrated.  ;-)
This is Peanut's best friend, Popcorn.

How'd she get the name Popcorn?  She gets a little impatient waiting her turn on the bottle.

Peanut and Popcorn - it's always a party!


  1. That really made my day. Popcorn is a riot.

  2. What a pair of characters. :)

  3. Hysterical !!! We all should be so happy & determined! ;~)

  4. How cute! Best buddies for sure :-)

  5. I just found your blog through Sara. Loved the video, so cute. I can't believe how long the wool is on your babies. We have one Border Leicester and one Leicester Longwool bur your babies wool is even longer than ours. We are just starting our spinning flock. I would like something a little softer to spin. Do you have a breed you recommend? I'm glad I found you, will be watching and waiting for more posts.

  6. Love those tails a waggin'! They sure love their bottle!