Thursday, July 24, 2014

What Did YOU Have for Lunch?

I'm hoping it was something in the rodent family.

This lovely was sunning herself (I'm going with "her") on our patio step, all stretched out and using the heat to help digest whatever she ate. She's big for a garter snake - about two and a half feet.  That's a pretty big bulge and there's a funny lump on the bottom - maybe a hind foot?  Snakes eat things head first so I'm not sure what prey would leave a bump showing.  I couldn't see if there was a matching bump on the other side.

I love the spandex aspect of her skin and it shows off some pretty, hidden colors.  Thanksgiving, Christmas, Fourth of July - boy, I've wished I had this ability!  ;-)
Her eye is a beautiful copper color.  For a snake that looks kind of dull at first glance she teaches a great lesson about looking more closely to see the loveliness in ordinary things.  The good Lord put beauty in every creation.....if you look.

I sure wish I could speak Parseltongue.  


  1. Wow! What a catch - both you and her :-D. Nice shots too. Who'd have thought there'd be so many colors on her skin! I love when the camera shows me things I'd never see without.

  2. A newbie here to your site :), love the snake photo. Most people kill them right off, I'm so glad you didn't. I agree pretty colors-who knew a Garter snake did?
    Where I used to live we had Ribbon snakes mostly I loved seeing the young ones-never could catch one!