Wednesday, March 11, 2015

We Bee Happy!

After 3 days of above freezing weather - and with today being especially sunny and warm - we were delighted to see our "tree bees" emerge to do some spring cleaning.  That honey bees can even survive over a severe winter is pretty miraculous, and the last two swarms that had moved into the old locust tree by the front door never made it through so we were expecting this hive to meet the same sad fate.


What looked to be a good portion of the swarm was busy doing spring cleaning chores - ejecting dead bees, taking a potty break, getting some fresh air - whatever it is they do to freshen up the hive. I mustn't jinx the situation, so I have to say so far.... survival looks promising!

Go, tree bees!


  1. This gives me hope for my last hive. What those bees need now are some dandelions, the first food of the year.

  2. Do you feed them to help them get strong for spring?

  3. There isn't a way to add anything to the inside of their tree so they are pretty much going on whatever they amassed during the growing season. If we get many more warm days where they come out and fly around I'll see about setting out some sugar water or something. They won't have any natural food for a long time!

  4. YAY!!! There are a couple shrubs you can plant that bloom super early - drawing a blank now on what they are. You could drizzle some honey somewhere nearby. They'll find it and have a big party :-D.