Saturday, June 20, 2015

More Wet

Another inch of rain.

That's not fog, just straight down hard rain.  I know there are folks in other parts of the country who would give their eye teeth for it but it's a problem for us.  We're getting seriously twitchy about not having made any dry hay yet.  Not one bale.  Not only is the grass getting way overripe, but it's starting to go down under the rains and will be hard to cut.  

The next morning was chilly and foggy.  The sheep made 'the morning commute' at a speed reasonable for the road conditions.  ;-)

You can hear Stewart and George still close by - they were standing at my feet while everyone trooped away into the fog so of course I had to go walk them out to pasture.  They finally went ahead of me and are the last ones going down the trail in the next clip and catch up to George's brother on the trail.

The weather worked itself into rain again, and then did eventually clear off later in the day.  The tree swallows were very busy around their nest box in the rose bush.  I'm sure they are feeding youngsters.  Mom (or Dad) was peeking out at me.

The sun finally shone and the woods breathed out a thin fog that hung over the ram's pasture.

We could see the thunderhead moving away from us that had given us the day's rain.

For the first time this summer we had a really outstanding sunset.

Red sky at night.....  we'll see.  I think at this point just a plain day that doesn't rain will be delightful.

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  1. Beautiful rain and photos. May dry skies and plenty of bales be in your very near future :-)