Sunday, June 14, 2015

Time To Go

Yesterday our 'tree bees' sent a young swarm out into the world.  Andy just happened to see them getting organized in the crab apple a few feet from the old locust.

They were very self-absorbed and really didn't pose any danger to us but I didn't want to disturb them. They fill up on honey before they leave their old hive and that's what sustains them while they are looking for a new home and getting it set up.  They didn't need to waste energy because of me being overly nosey.  It seemed to be a healthy sized colony although there were so many bees still going in and out of the home tree that you could hardly see a difference.

We called someone who keeps bees to see if he wanted to come and collect the swarm but he couldn't come until after work.  We checked on them periodically through the afternoon and after about three hours discovered that they had abruptly left for parts unknown.  I wish I had seen what direction they headed away in. I would guess that the scouts had found a suitable place not too awfully far away and that would be great. Less time exposed and homeless means they should go into the new situation as strong as can be.

Good luck, young bees!  

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  1. Good luck to them, absolutely! We need more healthy honey bees. It is so sad to read about colony collapse disorder, varroa mites, bee poisonings by pesticides, and farmers having to pay (when farmers are chronically cash-poor) for bees to come and fertilise their crops). Here's hoping for a summer with enough rain to grow nectar-producing greenery to help the bees set up a good storehouse of honey and baby bees. And a healthy, fertile queen.