Sunday, December 30, 2012

After Christmas

Since the storm last week it's never really stopped snowing.  Some days just a little, yesterday another 7 inches for us.  We now have an amount that proves it's actually winter.

There was a lot of wind with the snow yesterday and we have this funky snow stalactite hanging ominously off the eaves right by the side door.
Speaking of the side door, this little chrysalis appeared one day late last fall in the metal doorframe of the sliding screen door.  The picture doesn't do it justice - it's quite elegant and even ornate with little points and bumps on it - and the picture doesn't show it but there is the thinnest, finest strand of fiber you can barely see that's working like a guy wire or belt and helping hold it in place.  How the heck did he throw out a strand of something from INside the case?  Anyway, I've become quite protective of "him" and take care not to knock him off with a careless hand on the doorframe.  It's in kind of a dangerous place what with going in and out ten times a day, but there's no danger of using the screen door so if we can keep from being clumsy for a few more months I hope to see what kind of butterfly comes out in the spring.
And with Christmas past and gifts given I can post a couple of other things that went to new owners.
An alpaca scarf I spun and knit.  I looked through a book of stitches till I found one that was A. easy and B. I liked the look of.  I figured out how many pattern repeats would give me the width I wanted and just knit till the yarn was gone.
And then this scarf came from the guild's "stash stew" fiber and was the lot that I got back for what I put in.  The pattern is basically The False Entrelac pattern from Ravelry.
So I had two items to knit for Christmas and they both got done in time.  And since Christmas I've assimilated 90% of gifts received and. written. thank. you. notes.  This is a big one for me.  I'm always grateful for gifts, but usually hideously slow to send a written thank you.  Finally.....did it right.  There is still some clutter laying around.....I mean, how can you pick up bags when Dexter HAS to sit in them?
Holly says......
As long as we HAVE snow you should come out and play with me.

 Who can resist dog logic?


  1. You can't make the bed a cat is sleeping on either.
    I like the both but the second scarf is my favorite.
    Only about an inch of snow here. You will be in soup when it starts to melt!

  2. I often make the bed with a cat in it, she finds it entertaining and so do I!

    Hope your cocoon is hanging in there with these blustery winds today! It's a very, very good day to stay in and do fibery things. I just cleaned the carder, so I'll start carding your fiber after supper and will keep you posted as to progress.

  3. Cats... ;-). The scarves are beautiful!

  4. My cats love to sit in the bags that fleece come in. They especially liked the one from you a few months ago! :)