Friday, December 21, 2012

How Festive!

It wasn't seeming very Christmasy until today.  Having been above freezing everything was the brown and tired green of pre-winter, then we graduated to mud.  Today we woke to some real snow.

Everything is totally coated with a wet sticky snow which is very pretty.  Unfortunately, being the shortest day of the year and also under heavy clouds it's a dreary day otherwise.  There isn't any wind to speak of so the snow is all staying on the branches.

It's heavy enough to weigh down flexible branches and make graceful arches on a boring hedge.

Holly seems to be listening to the snow fall.  Being just a little wet and slushy it does make a faint hissing noise as it lands.
Dexter is happy to stay indoors and vulture from atop the grandfather clock.
  All this excitement over snow.  Meh.
I'm very close to being done with collecting presents for Christmas.  Just a few things yet to find.  I've made several things too, but can't blog most of them for fear the recipient will see them.  Here's one thing I painted which is going to someone who isn't likely to see it, so I'll risk it.
I can't claim originality - I copied it off an old Christmas card - but I do like the way it turned out.  After Christmas I'll post a few other things I did.  It takes me so long to complete a project that no one is in danger of finding constant homemade gifts tiresome!



  1. I'm with Dexter, stay in and keep the paws warm and dry. Good job on the painting. Will be back after Christmas to check out your other creations.

  2. You paint, too? Nicely done, you are so talented!