Saturday, December 22, 2012

From Festive to Fierce

What a difference a day makes.  Yesterday's snow was fun and pretty.  Then the wind picked up at night, the temps dropped and more snow fell.  Power went out at 1:30 AM prompting Andy to make a trek outside and across the yard to the generator.  (Thank you, Mr. Generator.).  It was off till 7:30-ish, back on for an hour then went off again.  More generator usage.  Then it came on around lunch time.

We like to joke that this kind of weather keeps the riff-raff off our hill.

The view was equally bleak from the door of the sheep barn.
The wind worked snow into every crack and crevice and blew it in the open barn doors so that many of the sheep had a coating on their backs even inside.  They really didn't mind at all, but I don't like that it will make the bedding damp.  It drifted quite a bit too around the house and buildings so that getting from here to there became a tiresome trudge. 
Holly was a little happier with this kind of snow.
Whazzat?!  Is that one of them there riff-raffs?
Hoping for quieter weather tomorrow.  Still have last minute shopping to do!


  1. Oh that looks cold, and to think I wnined about going out to feed in the rain this afternoon. Snow is beautiful in pictures but I would have to bundle up so much to keep warm if I fell down in the snow I would never be able to get up. Take care, pics are beautiul.

  2. Ugh! I don't mind the snow so much. But I hate when it drifts!

    Holly, you keep those riff raffs away! Good Girl!

  3. Yikes! That doesn't look like fun snow :-o.

  4. It looked like that in SE MN on the 20th -- today it is cleat, sunny and COLD!

  5. I mean clear -- (fat finger syndrome)

  6. Tombstone--You get used to the cold (at least I do) and you develop a walk that keeps you upright. That being said, Robin and I both prefer summer!