Thursday, December 13, 2012

Free at Last, Free at Last!

The big rams have been released from the Gladiator Pit.

For the most part they have settled their post-breeding-season differences in the safety of a small space so while there was some minor head butting and shoving they mostly were just glad to be out of the barn and nibbling grass.  There is blessed little to eat in this small lot closest to the barn but we wanted to keep our eyes on everyone for a few hours just in case someone went postal and caused a problem.
It's a lovely day here and they spent a lot of time slowly circling the small pasture enjoying the air and freedom. 

You'd think they would be so sick of each other that they would spread out but they initially stayed in one large or two smaller groups and pushed each other around.  After a few hours, though, they drifted apart and tried to find something worth eating.
Tomorrow they can go out into a large pasture where there is a little more to eat.  They are getting hay at night when they come in so they don't really have to go out and make a living, but until the weather closes in for real they can go through the motions if it makes them happy.
That's it, guys.  This is your routine for the next ten months. 
Could be worse.


  1. Poor fellas. Tough life (giggle). What is that green stuff they are standing on. Is that GRASS? I won't tell my sheep. They'll want to come live with you!

  2. They look so happy out on the green grass, nice pics.