Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Night Visitor

Last night at the bedtime barn check everyone was quiet and bedded down in the barn, lambs sitting with moms or friends - all peaceful.  Then I saw something flitting around one of the lights and thought it was a big bat which would be fine by me but it wasn't flying properly..... it was a moth!  We always leave one light on in the barn as a nightlight and I knew he'd be bumbling around it after I left - not a good scenario with six cats in the barn.  Sure enough, Clem jumped up on a partition to get a closer look and startled some of the sheep into leaping up.  We sure didn't need that going on besides the fact that the moth would probably be caught and destroyed.  Thankfully, he lit on a post where I could catch him and take him outside where the barn light wasn't in view.  Here it is on my hand in the light of my flashlight.

I looked it up and she's a Promethea Silkmoth.  After taking the picture I picked up the flashlight and she fluttered up into the darkness.  Turns out she didn't go far. 

Here she sat on the peak of the porch gable all night and all today.  I was afraid some bird would come and pick her off but she was still there when we came in from evening chores.  I hope tonight she goes on about her mothy life and is able to start another generation.  Seeing these big lovelies is a real treat for me and certainly embodies a warm June night.


  1. Beautiful! Good capture - photo and moth :-).

  2. What a beautiful moth! I'm so glad you were able to share the photo - I don't think I've ever seen one.