Friday, June 27, 2014

Start and Stop

We've finally made a start on our hay crop for the year.  The big rams are fenced out of the largest part of their pasture during spring and we let it grow so as to take it off for hay.  The weather has been so cool and wet that we couldn't even think about it until now.  

Andy got it all on five wagons so we don't have to rush to take one off to finish - about 545 bales.... less than a tenth of what we'll need.  It's always good to see large quantities of hay ready to bale but having to stop and unload one or two in order to finish is taxing.

This field will regrow pretty quickly with the rain that we've just had and by the time the ram lambs move up here there will be lots of nice fresh forage for them.

The day after this was baled we went back into a wet pattern although it was still warm.  I locked the sheep out so they'd get the barn grime off and also not track wet and mud into the bedding more than necessary.  When Andy did let them it they made a soggy parade coming up from the pasture.

Here's hoping the weather changes back again soon.


  1. Oh I enjoyed the visit to your farm with sheep sounds and squishy hoof sounds!

  2. And I thought I go through a lot of hay. I saw the lambs you delivered to Sara and wondered if you deliver to CA too, LOL. Hope the rains hold off while you need to mow and bale the hay.