Monday, June 30, 2014

South to Kentucky!

This past weekend I had the big fun of taking another group of lambs to Equinox Farm in Kentucky to be friends for Baaxter.  Julie went with me and we transported four - three to be Baaxter's adopted brothers and one to be a future breeding ram for another farm.

We stopped five times in total between needing gas, having lunch, bathroom and stretching breaks.  The trip took almost twelve hours due to construction, detours and congestion in Columbus and Cincinnati.  Even though I was clipping along above 70 mph in most places I've become convinced that the state of Ohio becomes freakishly big when driven diagonally and actually expands as you're driving.  The lambs rode really well though, seeming competely unconcerned about the change of surroundings.

"Hey, is that a '57 Chevy??"

"Lemme get this gate open so I can go get a better look"
We finally arrived and we were all greeted by Auntie Reg with bandanas including the lambs.  It was like going to Hawaii and having leis put on you when you stepped off the plane.  :-)
The lambs were fine with it and settled down in front of the fan pretty quickly.
The New York band of desperados.
It was hot.  So hot that Blossom sort of melted.

The smallest boy is a triplet and I think he started to realize none of his family was there so he buddied up to the gray lamb even though it was so hot they were puffing a little. 

Burrnie has gotten big! 
And friendly!  :-)
"Have you any Nillas?  I would dearly love a Nilla!"
Baaxter was more interested in being with mom and maybe begging a bottle than joining in with the lambs.  After all, they are just farm critters whereas he is a house sheep.  But he didn't know he had gotten too big to live in the kitchen any longer and Things Were About to Change.
He spent a little time thinking about the new turn of events in his "fort".
But it's hard to sulk when your new brother comes and wants to play in your fort too.
"All right, you can play under here too but the big Lego is MINE!"
Boys.  They'll be punching each other on the arm and giving noogies in no time.


  1. Great pictures and captions .......looks like you had a fun trip and visit.

  2. You know, it's true about Ohio - it DOES stretch as you drive, like nutty putty....what a bunch of handsome boys! Baaxter is in good company. And I am so jealous that you got to go to KY...

  3. Great catch of B under the air mattress fort! And of me holding (trying to) him :-D. He LOVES his brothers.

  4. Thanks for the backstory about Baaxter's new brothers. They sure are cute!

  5. Great story and pictures! Thanks for sharing! It will be fun to hear all the stories out of Equinox Farms :-)